Friday 14 March 2008

Japan - Ghosts (Duffy's Ditties No.1)

Experimental pop music at its best . From the year of my birth,
"Ghost" was Japans biggest hit, but they still broke up a
couple of weeks after its release. Singer David Sylvian later
when on to to albums with Holger Czukay and Robert Fripp.
Check out the outstanding live vid below from Old Grey Whistle



The Bogus Man said...

The band did, however, get back together in the 80s. However, unwilling to be seen as cashing-in on their earlier success and not wanting to trade on past glories, they changed their name to "Rain Tree Crow". A brilliant eponymous album followed, which was pretty much totally ignored by everyone, before they again went their separate ways.

cletus_buckley said...

never even heard of them.
Cheers for the heads up.