Monday 3 March 2008

Re -Up of Pascal's Country Sound Tribute To Porter Wagoner

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Photo: Marty Stuart

Here's a compilation I put together of some of his songs spanning his whole
career from his 1954 number 1 hit 'A Satisfied Mind' and it's b -side 'Itchin' For
My Baby' to his last single Committed To Parkview which Johnny Cash wrote
and wanted Porter to record it, so Cash gave a cassette to Marty Stuart (the
producer of the album Porter was making at the time back in 1981), but
Marty forgot to deliver the song to Porter, and only delivered it when he was
helping Porter choose songs for from Wagonmaster album. This year he gain
in popularity with that album and he even toured with the White

01 Committed To Parkview - Wagonmaster (2007)
02 The Rubber Room - The Rubber Room (1972)
03 The Cold Hard Facts Of Life - The Cold Hard Facts Of Life (1967)
04 Satan's River - Wagonmaster (2007)
05 Eat, Drink And Be Merry - The Essential Porter Wagoner (1997)
06 Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy - The Essential Porter Wagoner (1997)
07 Itchin' For My Baby - A Satisfied Mind 7" RCA Victor 20-6105 (1954)
08 Sorrow On The Rocks - The Essential Porter Wagoner (1997)
09 Sorrow Overtakes The Wine - The Carroll County Accident (1969)
10 Dark End of the Street (with Dolly Parton) - Just The Two Of Us (1968)
11 Family Bible w/ Willie Nelson - Unplugged (2002)
12 A Place To Hang My Hat - Wagonmaster (2007)
13 I'll Go Down Swingin' - The Thin Man From West Plains (1965)
14 Porter and Marty (Men With Broken Hearts/I Heard That Lonesome
Whilstle Blow) - Wagonmaster (2007)
15 A Satisfied Mind - A Satisfied Mind 7" RCA Victor 20-6105 (1954)
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Porter Wayne Wagoner (August 12, 1927 – October 28, 2007)



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