Sunday 24 August 2008

Lonski and Classen

I went to Berlin, camped in a great campsite called Tentstation, full of trees and an empty olympic size swimming pool. The girl at the reception played some amazing records in the bar in the campsite. I did some field recording inside the pool with tree and crickets going mad and this beautiful ethereal record playing out from the bar's tannou. Then I realize it wasn't a record when people started to clap at the end. Turns out that the "beautiful ethereal record" playing was Lonski of Lonski and Classen playing live, looping guitar, bass and voice to a theurgical effect. Here's two of the recordings and a wonderful vid for Dedication of their self titled debut LP.

Lonski and Classen - Strain Everything (Fieldrecording Tentstation, Berlin August 08).mp3
Lonski and Classen - Untitled (Fieldrecording, Tentstation, Berlin August 08).mp3
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