Friday 1 August 2008

Calvin Johnson Mixtape - "Behind The Iron Curtain" (Cassette Rip)

Here's a "Soviet - Era Rock and Pop" Mixtape made by Calvin Johnson from his record collection. The sound quality full of hiss and pops of Calvin records and then the joys of Cassette rip audio, but it contains some very interesting stuff. I hear the new Nelly record is very much a sister record to this mixtape.

Side A
General - I'm So Lazy (Hungary)
Illes - Wo Ist Julie (E. Germany)
Niemen - Wloczega (Poland)
The Olympics - Oh Darling, Lieb Mich Mehr (Czech Rep.)
Gruppe ABC - Du Willst Zuiel (Poland)
Locomotive G.T. - Royal Blues [Gipszeld Be A Kezed] (Hungary)
Ensemble Sincron - Einsame Pappeln (Romania)
M Tarnowski/U. Padziak Szukaj Mnie - Wolaj Mnie (Poland)

Side B
Zodic - Pacific (Latvia)

Olympic - Black Mass For The Nuclear God (Czech Rep.)
Indexi - Svijet U Kome Zivim (Yugoslavia)

Bayon - Die Lerche (E. Germany)
Czerwone Gitary - Cóż Ci Więcej Mogę Dać(Poland)
The Matadors - I Feel so Lonely (Czech. Republic)
Centric - Rauch Am Horizont (E. Germany)

Niebiesko-Czarni - Zostało mi po tobie (Poland)
Same artist, different song.

Team 4 - Ich Hab‘ Ihr ins Gesicht Gesehen (E. Germany)

Download Side A

Download Side B

Remember kids, replace "AA"s and "BB"s for "tt"s.
There is a lesson there for all of us.


iammacio said...

Polska bialo-czerwoni!

cletus_buckley said...

I think.

Anonymous said...

hi from Poland,
that's kinda weird to see this! fyi, Grupa ABC was from Poland, not Germany: the song you present here must be from their German-language LP for the East German market. but they all Polish.
cheers - Darek

Anonymous said...

the same with Die Puhdys - they were E. German band, and the song must be their Russian outing. a weird compilation, really: Niemen, who was a genius, together with some lame pop.
if you are after such sounds, you must check - there are three volumes of 'Estrada Nagrania' compilations ready for download, all Polish stuff. or try and find 'Polish Funk' Cd series.

cletus_buckley said...

Cheers for the corrections, I typed out what was on the cassette. Also thanks for tip on the blog will have a gander.

My Left Ventricle said...

I got that mixtape too, along with Japanese underground and new wave underground. The new wave one is particularly brilliant!

cletus_buckley said...

I have another one that I haven't got around to ripping yet.
60s girls something or other.
Would love to hear the post punk one.