Wednesday 13 August 2008

Diamond Vampire - Night Operations mix

Diamond Vampire are not only making all 6 shiney appeagator disco grooves free to download from their myspace, they are also giving up a "Fabulous darling", sharp 70s disco lane swapping "Night Operations mix". It rocks as much as their music does, I've been keeping their track "Friday Nights" on repeat since I heard, great for cycling up hills.


Sylvester, then>
Glass Candy - I Always Say Yes
Cerrone - Supernature

Baby Ford - Disconoddy
Kelly Marie - New York at Night
Amanda Lear - Follow Me

Lillica Libertine - Acid House
Giorgio Moroder - The Chase
Tamiko Jones - Can't Live Without Your Love
Download Diamond Vampire - Night Operations mix via their Myspace.


Cathal said...

Wonderful post Mr. Countrysounds, thank you. I really dig these tunes. Furthermore, that Amanda Lear video has displaced masturbation to become my new favourite thing, although the 2 actually make for great bed-fellows. Do you know how one might actually download the Night Operations mix, rather than just stream it (shudder) on quicktime?

cletus_buckley said...

yo cathal,
to download it right click
"click here to download"
and save as link.
also i post another vid of amanda lear back in march which is even better (video wise that is).
tres chessey and wierd.

also check out areial pink's video which is similar in style.