Thursday 15 May 2008

Photo Of The Day

The last four photos in that roll of film
first used my big sister back in 97, when
she was 17 and then accidental re-exposured
early this year my twin brother.
To see the first four from this album go HERE,
and the next four photos goHERE.


Astonishing said...

I've absolutely been loving all these photos. It's inspired me to do something similar, on purpose. Doesn't have anything near the same effect though, does it? It's the acident that makes it great.

My favourite photo EVER is one that must have been quadruple exposured - it's got me, my dad, my grandfather and my great-grandfather in it, in separate photos. I was a baby so it's 25 years old! And it's beautiful. As soon as my exams finish, the very first thing I'm doing is finding that photo, scanning it and locking it away safe forever. It's the most important object in my whole life and I've gotta find it again!


cletus_buckley said...

glad you liked them, told the bro I was putting them up onto the world wide web, he then tells me he's got any roll he re exposured by accident over a year ago. Photos of my older brother 21st, he's now 31. hopefull a few gems, that quadruple exposured sounds mad, if you find it, give us a look.