Monday 26 May 2008

Patrick Kelleher - Coat To Wear (Duffy's Ditties No.12)

As the tag says Ethereal Dream Pop from Patrick Kelleher
accompanied by wonderful super 8 video. Coat To Wear
bounces around the stereo like a malevolence spawn of
Shockheaded Peters and Kate Bush. Taken from his excellent
6 track EP "You Look Cold". With only 75 numbered hand
cut and hand glued cdr made they are sure to be snapped
up quickly. Available from Road Records or though his
myspace, I think for the pauperly price of €5. Or
alternatively you can pick it up if you catch him playing a
stripped down show tomorrow night with his backing band
"The Wet Dreams" at The Bernard Shaws on Richmond St.
Portobello, where he will be unleashing new material or
Supporting God Is An Astronaut in a brand spanking new
theatre in Greystone on Saturday the 7th of June.
Patrick Kelleher - Coat To Wear MP3

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