Tuesday 23 October 2007

Iron And Wine - Woman King Ep

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To celabrate the return of Sam Beam aka Iron And Wine
to our shores on October 27, at Ambassador Theatre in
Dublin. Here is outstanding EP which is heavy in tone
compared to his first two albums. I had a ticket to
see him back in 2004 when he first and last played
Ireland but dEUS reformed and i got a ticket to see
them in Paris since a friend of my was living there
at the time. But as it turned out both gigs were on
the same day, so i had to give away Iron and Wine ticket
to my flatmate. Bummer but seeing dEUS for the
first time with a head full of trips was chilling to see
the least and the little known Joanna Newsom was one
of the support acts. Never heard of her before and was
completely mystified by her. Ran down the stairs to
buy the album straight after see finished just in case
it would sell out. Here is a video of the first song
I ever heard of Iron and Wine back in 2003. It's on
his first album but i got it first on one of those
sub pop 5er sampler cds. The vid is directed by Mister
Beam himself.

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