Monday 15 October 2007

Crystal Castles - Alice Practice 7" (2006)

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Paintings: Trevor Brown
A friend of mine was giving out that 8Bit Bliss mix tape was not
that 8 bitty. Ok, yeah most songs are more analogy and not
corrosive 8bitty sounding but alot of songs have cheap sounding
instruments in them. Well anyway to rectify here is some horrible
8 bit trash from torondo 2 piece "Crystal Castles". They are touring
all over the shop as we speak, hitting Eire on the 25th of November.
Check out their Myspace for futher info.

Buy It - maybe on ebay?
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Anonymous said...

Robin Hood said...

By the way...thanx for your visit into our blog (Zerodimension)

Anonymous said...

trevor brown art used without permission, credit or payment by crystal castles!

cletus_buckley said...

And they are selling t shirts with the cover of the ep on it. If that was true, surely Mr. Brown would sue, it's not like hes a nobody. He's Trevor 'fucking' Brown!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

how could any of you stupid idiots believe a greedy maniac like Trevor Brown? The band had an agreement with him and he is asking for a crazy amount of money because he thinks the band is retiring off his stupid design. give me a break. can't you think for yourselves you morons? he's using they're hard earned popularity to get himself some attention.

"La personificacion de lo perfecto" said...

ins t it ironic?
art world is full of bitches and betrayers, tell me i am an artist