Tuesday 28 August 2007

Bjork - Quiet Fireworks (Rarities1993 - 1997)

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Four years ago a Czech girl was living with my twin
bother in Galway. She moved out and left behind
a CDR with "Bjork" written on it. The cd contains
severely unknown gems that are not on any studio
album. Until two months ago this "Bjork" album was
a utter mystery to me and all my friends and
then stumbled upon what the cd was; Quiet Fireworks.
A collection of Rare Studio Tracks from 1993-1997 and
b - sides plus three live songs from one of the
Violently Happy singles recorded live on Spanish TV,
Oct 13th 1993. A really unknown gem. What you think?

Download Quiet Fireworks Part 1
Download Quiet Fireworks Part 2


nimno said...

Someone just posted a poll on our site regarding the Bjork last incident.
Check it out: http://www.pollsb.com/polls/poll/1880/who-s-more-violent

Cathal said...

Merci mucho mucho merci for this Fitzgeraldo, me amma so happy for this, it's lovely, amma so happy happy