Tuesday 15 September 2009

United Bible Studies, Children Under Hoof, Declan Q Kelly, Sat.26/09 @ The Box Social

12th Box Social Show
A night of phasing psychrock folk.

United Bible Studies
Sometimes 8 droogs strong psychrock juggernaut with a revolving door of hurdy gurdys, harps, Mellow Candles vocalists and Weapons of Mass Destruction drumming. Its hard not to get trances out by their post "Current 93" grooves.

Dark Low Land Plains.mp3

Children Under Hoof

Drone Pop Krautrock from 5 folks from various regions of Ireland brought together to start a "Quo" tribute band, but oh how the apple as fallen far from the tree.

Free "Breaking The Waves" Virtual 7"

Declan Q Kelly
Majestic,comforting and simply touching sounds from a Galway native.

Free "I Dont Know What Else To Do" Virtual 7"

Pascal's Country Sounds "Slowmo Disco".

12th Box Show Show,
Saturday 26th of September 09,
Behind 236 South Circular Road,
Bring Your Own Buckie,
5 EUROS or whatever your can afford.

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