Friday 1 May 2009

The Caretaker - A Stairway To The Stars (2001) [They're Giving It Away No.18]

"The Caretaker project began in late 1996, undoubtedly inspired from the ballroom scene in Stanley Kubrick's "Shining". The first release played and extended this theme of altering 1920's and 1930's ballroom music creating an eerie and haunted soundworld. Subsequently the sound has become darker and often more abstract over time, moving away from the initial idea of a haunted ballroom into territories involving the mind and its abilities to recall memories." - Last FM

As expected from anything connected to Vvm, its slowed down and full of ring mod. On recent trip to "festering fescos", they turned a mundane outing into a magic carpet ride, full of wonder, dread and toilet cleaner.You can get it for free from Vvm test recordings site below. Wonderful stuff indeed.

Download The Caretaker - A Stairway To The Stars LP (2001)


Test Chimp 48 said...

Just wanted to stop by and say how much I enjoy your blog. I'm a lazy bastard and hardly ever comment. I have linked to you on my new blog, hope you don't mind. Drop by and say howdy sometime!

cletus_buckley said...

your blog is indeed nuts