Saturday 13 December 2008

Things I Fell In Love With This Year: Chrisma - Japanese Restaurant LP

As the first part of this series of posts suggests, I'm not to bothered about "albums of 2008" but more of albums and indeed bands that I have discovered in the last 12 months. Like Iron Curtain in the first post, they were releasing their super sounds from 82' till 88' and they only got the re-release treatment last year, but I only got my mits on them in september or so. Well in the same vien, here is another oldie but a newie fo me. I snatched Chrisma's "Japanese Restaurant LP" early this year, January or Feburary and is probably my favourite album I hear in 2008. The Italian duo where produced by no other than Vangelis (Blade Runner OST) and he as made Chrisma sound super fresh with famous folk like LCD Soundsystem and Eagles of Death Metal definitely "borrowing" grooves and ideas from different tracks from their 1977' opus " ("Thank You" and "Wonderlust" respectively).
Here is a couple of tracks from their wonderful record, the whole album is so good, from sleazey rock n rock to sinister love affair laments with equal parts spanish guitar and analogue oscilations that 'Berlin' Bowie would be proud of. Also a meddle of tv clips of chrisma singles spanning from 76' to 80' too for your viewing pleasure.

Chrisma -Black Silk Stocking.mp3
Chrisma - Lola.mp3
Chrisma - Wanderlust.mp3
Chrisma - Lycee.mp3

Oh I just learnt if you Right click and click "Open Link In New Tab" so you dont have to go back and reopen this page every time you want to download an other song from my here, rightous.

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Roger Camden said...


I dig this band a lot.

Didn't know that Vangelis also dabbled in the pop producer role.