Friday 19 December 2008

Things I Fell In Love With This Year: A Faulty Chromosome - As an Ex-Anorexic's Six Sicks Exit

A Faulty Chromosome have created such a likable lofi pop noise record that they ask for "donations" to get their cd from their myspace. Sincerity is lost with most bands with "pay what you want" gimmicks, but you know that they post all albums themselves and in the package I got at the start of the summer including free badges and a one of a kind photocopied poster with hand scibbled crayon all over them, smell memory kicks in when I open the package and the waxy smell fills the room. They have a pretty acurate discribtion for themself, " a faulty chromosome is a fuzzy mess of tremolo, hand-claps, 8-bit blips, water-damaged Mister Rogers records, mashed Casio chords and drum machine’d beats."

Jackie O from mike ambs on Vimeo.

Download "As an Ex-Anorexic's Six Sicks Exit" Lp from their Last FM.
Once you fall in love with the best pop noise album of the year and indeed one of my favourite album of this year, you can buy it from them for a suggected donations of $6.66 including postage here, but deffo give them as much as you can expecally if your living outside of America just to cover postage costs. Indeed a wonderful album from start to finish that has been ignored by alot of people not doubt since its a self release and not because of its quality.

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Catshoe said...

that is a good recommend - never heard of them before and just enjoying them on myspace

all the best