Thursday 10 April 2008

The Late Cord - Lights From The Wheelhouse (2006)

An ethereal collaboration between John-Mark Lapham (The Earlies) and Micah P.
Hinson. "The Late Cords debut EP, Lights from the Wheelhouse, is certainly prayerful,
a deep, contemplative blend of the acoustic and electronic, the traditional and
experimental, the lyrical and abstract. Here, a slow, simmering organ shares the space
with a jack-in-the-box thumb piano, crackly synth loops and incantatory choruses.
There, a tentative guitar and droning organ frame the mood for a world-weary voice
while electronic droplets patter like moisture in an abandoned building." -
The Late Cords's Myspace

I found it on vinyl nearly two years ago and didn't even know it existed and what a
find it turned out to be. I ended up buying it again on cd so that I could have it on a
digital format. So here it is, the most beautiful thing you will hear this week

Buy it for £4.50 from 4AD records themselves
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It is a knockdown gorgeous listen. Micah P has his work cut out to outdo it.