Sunday 13 January 2008

The Bear People Mixtape

Here is a great little mixtape made by noise merchant Dave Grimes
aka The Bear People. For all your drone euphoria needs,
The Bear People fill you up like a warm bowl of porridge on a miserable
January morn. Great stuff need.

1.incredible string band - 3 is a green crown / moe tucker - chase
2.eddie gale - black rhythm happening
3.the shaggs - philosophy of the world
4.joe meek - disc dance of the globbots
5. swans - how they suffer
6. steve reich & pat methenay -
electric counterpoint
7. fenn o'berg - horst und snail mit ma
/daniel johnston - true love will find you in the end
9. rechenzentrum - i.d.m
10. kim gordon/dj olive - international spy
11. alva noto - untitled
12. william basinski - unnamed 2

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The Bear People's Myspace

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Anonymous said...

good one.. arps