Wednesday 13 June 2007

Vincent Gallo - When (2001)

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If you like the close analog tones of most of the tracks from
"Buffalo 66 OST" then chances are you will enjoy Vincent Gallo's
first proper album. The single, "Honey Bunny" (See Video)
is almost like a lullaby and it's simple melody get lodged in
your head for days. He really has produced a great record full of
rich warm guitar and lush, mournful vocals a la Jackson C. Frank, Lee Hazlewood.

Go Here to watch a live version of one of the instrumental track from the album.
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Anonymous said...

thebeathunters said...

did you realize that the blue doggystyle bikini girl is paris hilton, to whom VG dedicated the 1st track of WHEN?

cletus_buckley said...

That I do. Didn't recognise her when I first see the video, but then again was she well know when the video was first out. One things for sure Gallo get around.