Wednesday 2 May 2007

Warlords of Pez - "500 Title"

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Is this the greatest 7" album ever to be released by "Cybernetically
Advanced Sonically Aggressive Space Pricks". I would have to say,
Yes. The 1st band to be announced for Glastonbury 2007 couldn't
pick the title for their 1st album, so their "construct a hyperintelligent
supercomputer robotman whose sole programme was to analyse the
music and distil from it the album title which would represent the essence
of our 'sound'. After approx. 1.09 secs the hyperintelligent supercomputer
robotman imploded (The rest of the body started to franticly hump the
stereo) So what's the title?" You decide from a list of 500 listed on the
front of the record. It's either "Lawnmower Handjob" or "You Will Know
Us By The Braille of Death" for me. Zoom in on the cover and pick one
for yourself.
Highly Recommended

Here's footage of them on Ireland's version of "Live and Kicking", singing
a song about non christian sex position. Funny indeed.

Don't think you can buy it any more, maybe you might find it on ebay. It
was a limited pressing and I was luck enough to get it at one of their shows,
didn't even have a record player at the time. Its on their 2nd album as a
hidden track which you can find here.
Otherwise download it here