Tuesday 25 January 2011

Children Under Hoof, DeclanQKelly, Magic Pockets -Thursday 27th of January, Crawdaddy

Children Under Hoof's last show till the launch of a split 12" with Hunter-Gartherer. Don't miss this fabulous opportunity to better yourself by putting the their musical performance into your ears and eyes.
In tow, Galway's brightest jewel, DeclanQKelly & the first live outing from Magic Pockets, the new solo project from Ruadhan O Meara {Grey Mayhem, Guilty Optics, Crayonsmith band}.

Children Under Hoof
Magic Pockets

Harcourt Street
Doors 7.30
5 Euros
Band Info after the jump.

Children Under Hoof are five people from various counties in Ireland, brought together in college by a mutual love of Risk, Father Ted and 7"s played at 33 RPM. Members include Robyn Bromfield (Catscars), Gerard Duffy (School Tour), Patrick Kelleher( Patrick Kelleher& His Cold Dead Hands), Barry Semple (1/2 of Ixchel) and Paul Vesey.
Download for free "A Collar Can Become A Noose" Mini Album via bandcamp.

DeclanQKelly makes majestic, comforting and simply touching sounds, like the best John Fahey, Jim o' Rourke and Si Schroder numbers roll up into one. Free Download via bandcamp.

Magic Pockets the new solo project from Ruadhan O Meara {Grey Mayhem, Guilty Optics, Crayonsmith band}. He creates Lo Fi swirling distortions with shades of Casio versus Japan and Pittsburgh's Zombi buried in his rich mix.

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Vince said...

Hey Mr. G, t'was great so see you there last week! Could have sworn I saw you take these wans ?! http://www.flickr.com/photos/osakarecords/3722624335/ .. Highly recommend his new stuff as "A Mechanical Turk" :-)

Baby was a world shaker = probs. my fav ever mixtape so cheers :o) + Cavernous Bones is exceptionally fine work too, so thanks for the recommendationns. Do gis a shout if yer ever up to Belfast again!!!