Saturday 13 November 2010

Pictureplane - Gothstar

At Foggy Notions's Foggy Jam a couple of week back, for me HEALTH's cover of Pictureplane's "Gothstar" was easily the highlight of the night (although I did only catch the last three bands). "Gothstar" contains a neat Fleetwood Mac sample which is cut and cropped, tumbles drunkenly along giving the song an almost exhausted energy, sun stroked and buzzy. Is and along with the accompanied vhs alchemy ritual video, it's hard not to fall for it's charms.

I included a vinyl rip of Pictureplane's remix of HEALTH's "Die Slow" song at 33rpm in a Children Under Hoof Mixtape here, which sounds the "right" speed to these humble ears anyways.
Pictureplane - Gothstar.mp3


Just found a vid of that very performance shot my the always reliable Trig Films.

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