Saturday 21 August 2010

Dirty Beaches

Montreal's Alex Zhang Hungtai aka Dirty Beaches has been sending me in a daze recently. Eerie soundings like Colder's weirdo younger brother who only listens to B/Film's night surfing anthem "Night Running" on repeat. Dirty Beaches certain help fill void till both said artists release something new (Although Im not holding my breathe for B/Film). Night cycle cinematic loops unpinned by Alan Vega-esque ghostly do wop vocals which groove over the course of his six song enchanting Self Titled Ep. With a extensive back catalog already, include two great 7"s, two releases on my favourite label "Night People", the already mentioned S/T Ep and a full length album "Night City". I (You) have a lot of material to get obsessed over.

Buy both "True Blue" and "Golden Desert Sun" 7"s here.
Golden Desert Sun.mp3

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