Thursday 22 July 2010

Pens - High In The Cinema

Road Records is closing, soon to be gone for good. So where do I go now? In ever aspect other than stock Road excelled, surpassing every other in our wee capital. I felt like a vulture in there on monday, picking at the bones of a once health beast. It will be a sad day, come Saturday when the shutters are down for good. Well they have given me one more piece of rockus joy in the form of "LDN" three piece Pens and their debut album "Hey Friend!What You Doing". I would suspect like some of you, I first heard of Pens purely because Amelia from the band drew this righteous tape cover and they form of garage rock isn't a million miles away from Wavves either. Its a little more playful with their casio tones and girl shout shout harmonies but in parts they are L7 mean and certainly not as pop catchy as Williams mini epics. Like all good things their end came and passed, playing their last gig back in June. This Saturday, 24th of July, like Pens, Road too will be over before their time.

High In The Cinema.mp3
Sally Ain't Nobody.mp3

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