Wednesday 23 June 2010

These Happenings Are Happening Tomorrow

Lucky Dragons's "Dream Island Laughing Language" LP was one of the best albums of 08. Copy and paste tribal gamalen magic from start to finish. His interactive live show are pretty intense, I had an outer body experience at his last one, (a house show after he played earlier supporting Dirty Projectors), he passes out touch sensitive tentacles and shaman rain sticks in to the audience for them to make the music, ethereal chakra drones and clicks ebbing me up and up till I opened my eyes and saw two lads hitting each other in their heads with the sticks; oh well.
In support for the night is lucky old me (School Tour) and hurdy gurdy druid folk troupe "Woven Skulls".

Lucky Dragons - Givers.mp3
Lucky Dragons - I Keep Waiting For Earthquakes.mp3

The Joinery Gallery,
Arbour Hill
Doors 8.30pm
Adm: 10e

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