Friday 14 May 2010

Irish Ambient Mix - May 10' (By Ciaran Hickey)

Photo By Jane Lives
This wonderful mix is fairly relaxing me out after just frying yet another hard drive. At least I havent lost all my recordings like back in December. A pat on the back for Mister Hickey if our paths ever cross.

01 Donnacha Costello - With Me Still (Pokerflat)
02 Jimmy Behan - Pools (Audiobulb)
03 David Donohoe - In A Glass Of You (Fällt)
04 Boys Of Summer - Coriolis (Munitions Family)
05 Hard Sleeper - Rain Then Red Earth (DEAF CD)
06 Patrick Kelleher - Look I Wore A Tie! (KATIE KIM REMIX) (
Osaka Records)
07 Fovea Hex - While You're Away (Die Stadt, Janet Records)
08 Frózi - Enisle (DEAF CD)
09 Hulk - Photographs (
Osaka Records)
10 Patrick Kelleher - Until I Get Paid (SCHOOL TOUR REMIX) (
Osaka Records)
11 St. Catherine's Home For Lazy Infants - Till Every Motion, Pulse and Breath Be Over... (Slow Loris)
12 iquinn - Carn (Save) (Traum)
13 Fairlights - Summer, Part 2 (Soundcloud Download)
14 Katie Kim - 1 (?)
15 202's - Repeat (SCHFLI Remix)

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