Friday 18 December 2009

Tonight Somadrone, Twinkranes, Fuck Buttons, Legion Of Two

A farewell to one of the gems in our wee islands music scene crown is heading off to to San Fran, taken his space echoing oscillations with him. The vid below is a solo outing at this year DEAF, but tonight he will be join live with two other members of the long gone but still loved Connect Four Orchestra.

Somadrone - Secton Six.mp3 (Taken from “Lets Depart” 10″ E.P – 2001 )
Somadrone - Trail For A Trial.mp3 (Taken from "Fuzzing Away To A Whisper" LP - 2005)
Also on the bill is three piece Krautrock Revivalist Twinkranes and who have just released a great record on Twisted Nerve.

And if you can still rock on after that there is this afterwards.

After hearing new songs like "Flight Of The Feathered Serpent" and "Space Mountain" which sound like modern unoffensive tv idents music, for me Fuck Buttons have lost their edgy charm. The first album was more than just a homage exercise to Eno and Bryne's 81 masterpiece, it genuinely sounded dangerous, exciting and even new but now I wouldn't be surprise if "Olympians" (the most skippable track on "Tarot Sports") is used over rubbish tv sport montages. But it will be worth going to hear songs of their first album and the schizo disco epic that is "Surf Solar" of the new one and Legion Of Two in support also

Fuck Buttons - Surf Solar from ATP Recordings on Vimeo.

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Gardenhead said...

completely with you on Fuck Buttons. The album is locked into such a predicable and bombastic techno groove, that it sounds lifeless. I don't get the praise. First album shits all over it.