Monday 16 February 2009

Aidan John Moffat stuff

Here's some fun Aidan John Moffat interweb things of note I found in support of his new album with the band "Best Ofs" I guess. Reviewing sex toys for viceland and How To Get To Heaven board game.
I'm not hugely impressed after first spin of the new LP, well maybe since "I Can Hear Your Heart" was one of my favourite listens of last year it has alot to live up to and I 'm not digging the full band sound too much. Maybe Ill get in to it, or maybe not but it was always the simplicity of the last album and indeed all of Arap Strap stuff that grabbed me.

Oh my internet is dying a slow sad death, been tring to upload songs for the last month or so with no or 3 hours a song joy, so ill start putting up stuff already uploaded that I've been to lazy finish the post, mixes mainly, some dating back to last May (Freewheelin' Mixtape). Ill probable still not finish the post fully ie write about ever song on the mix, since who reads it and indeed who cares.

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