Thursday 16 October 2008

Peek! An earful of Irish Underground (They're Giving It Away No.12 )

Heres a 11 track compilation given away with the new Analogue Magazine. "Underground" maybe not since the majority of side a is bright bubbly pop. It does contain some wonderful new Irish music and this cd/vinyl is shining a light on a lot of bands/Artist that are unknown even in their hometowns, so maybe it is underground. Dont be put of by the first track, Supernova Scotia and Gran Casino are super and Pascal's Country Sounds regulars Patrick Kelleher and Hunter-Gatherer beef it up.

Side A
The High Life - Ugly Megan
Ballet Shoes - Grand Pocket Orchestra
Capogg - Supernova Scotia
The Last Bottle in the World - Dublin Duck Dispensary
Outskirts - So Cow
Glock Rock - Gran Casino
To Where is Alright - Nouveau Noise

Side B
Coat to Wear - Patrick Kelleher
Radio - Katie Kim
Breaking The Waves - Children Under Hoof
Left For Dead - Hunter-Gatherer
Typers & Trains - Colours Move

Download Peek! An earful of Irish Underground.

Download the new issue of Analogue Magazine.

And to celebrate Analogue Magazines's 1st birthday/Issue Launch, Tonight at Twisted Pepper on Abbey Street, "Spilly Walker" (David Kitt sweet electronic side project with his younger bother), "Patrick Kelleher and the Come Back Johnnys" and "Villagers" followed by Analogue DJs (they better be spinning the black circles)
€8 in or €5 with a student card. Doors are at 9.

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LoLo said...

I agree with you on the Ugly Megan track. Completely skippable and should not have been on the cd.