Friday 26 September 2008

Satin Mask - Becoming Mix

Something for the weekend, here's a ridiculously wonderful mix from Satin Mask. He posted this way back in April, but only listened to it today.
Fuck a duck it's brill, here's the track listing.

- Ivor Cutler "Go on, Jump!"
- Vam Cyborg "Radioactividad"
- A Guy Called Gerald "Rhythm of Life"
- Theo Parrish "Reaction to plastic"
- DJ Screw "Tell Me Something Good"
- Mayhem "Silvester Anfang"
- DJ Pica Pica Pica "Beats From... Banaspati"
- Dick Mills "P.I.G.S."
- Aphex Twin/Hot Butter "Popcorn"
- Crass "Do They Owe Us A Living?"
- J G Ballard "Low flying Aircraft (excerpt #1)"
- Pink Project "Hyper Gamma Space"
- J G Ballard "Low flying Aircraft (excerpt #2)"
- Deuter "Aum"
- Claude Schryer "Les Oiseaux de Bullion"
- Archimedes Badkar "Tva Varldar"
- Einsturzende Neubauten "NNNAMMM"
- Norma Jean "Sorcerer"
- Double "Woman of the world"
- DAF "Alles ist gut"
- Clara Moonshine "Caesar in Camerun"
- Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers "90 Percent of Me Is You"
- Claude Schryer "Les Oiseaux de Bullion"
- 8Bit Mayhem "War"
- The Android Sisters "Robots are coming"
- Yuzo Koshiro "Never Return Alive"
- Robert Calvert "Ground Control To Pilot"
- Stanley Clarke and George Duke "Never judge a cover by it's book"
- Future World Orchestra "Captain Coke"
- Baby's Gang "Happy Song"
- City Center "Profondo Rosso"
- Galactic Locksmith "Like A Duck To Kinky Water"
- Mike Oldfield "Incantations"

Do yourself a favour and get it. Heres the LINK.


Anonymous said...

hmmm the opening cutler track sounds eerily appropriate given the news story I read on my home page immediately before opening this blog [] -fortean or wot ?!

cletus_buckley said...

thats a horrible story, britain is really fucked. I live in london for a summer and ended up going to reading festival. there was this huge mob mentality here,general disregard for anyone. It was pretty shocking.