Tuesday 25 September 2007

100 Post

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto: Ryan McGinley
So 100 post in, time for some feedback. Was there any
little gems found here, any albums that are still on
heavy rotation in your stereo. What mixtape worked or
what was your favourite mixtape so far.


Shaun said...

Hey man, Loved the 2 Smog Posts and Modest Mouse, good little blog!

Chris said...

the country mix was ace

myinlandempire said...

hey cletus, i never got round to thank you for Misery is a Butterfly, I had 23 by Blonde Redhead and never really listened to it. But then I was also got by the artwork of Misery and downloaded it, I'm still seriously likening it a good two three months after. properly amazing. thanks

cletus_buckley said...

Cheers Sean, yeah smog is one of my favourite song writers, i hated his new record but it now was become maybe my favourite album of this year so far. you should check it out if you aint already. Same about the horrid cover though.

Hi Chris, glad you liked Pascal's Country Sounds mixtape. I tryed to mix it up with that mix, with songs from the 20s all the way to the 00s

Hey myinlandempire, Misery is a Butterfly is outstanding, by far their most consistent album so far. Im thinking about heading to London to see them since there is no fecking irish date. But its only a support slot for Interpol and i'm really not liking their new album. Very poo, unless it does a u turn like the bill callahan album did, but its doubtful.
Cheers to all.

Anonymous said...

Great site, man. Thanks!